Imagine – In Just 16 Weeks Or Less, You'll Be Prepared to Step Into the Spotlight With a Body That Exudes Confidence And Wows The Judges Because You Are Ready to Rock The Stage!

If you’re anything like me when I started, you’ve probably:

  • Stared in the mirror endlessly because you are worried that your body will never look like a competitor.
  • Scoured the web and tried every plan you could find, only to end up frustrated with all the cookie cutter plans.
  • Thought that after having kids, it'd be hard to build a competitor body.
  • Assumed that being over 40, it was too late to start.
  • Been confused about how to structure your diet and what foods to cut.
  • Felt isolated and alone, like nobody understands you anymore. Truth is, your family and friends probably don't understand. But that doesn't mean you can't get a rockin' body in SPITE of how you feel. Keep reading and you'll see how.

And the whole prep process can seem so complicated, that you don't even want to try at all right?

Hey, there, my name is Kimberly Doehnert and yes, I know how you feel. But just like you, I don't quit.

So when I decided to compete, I searched for a system that could take me from newbie to the winner's circle in the quickest time possible.

And to my surprise, this intensive research led me directly to what I needed. It wasn't a new diet, or a different way to lift weights.

I uncovered an actual FORMULA to get stage-ready...

So I put it to the test. I prepped for my first competition at the age of 43 and won 3 trophies. And a little over 2 years later, I earned my IFBB Pro card at the age of 46!!!

After proving my system worked, I created Contest Prep Secrets to help other first time figure and bikini competitors have the same success!

Before You Learn More About The Program...Check Out These Amazing Success Stories!

"I really needed to learn the steps to train and how to get started. I found Kimberly's Contest Prep Secrets and I was so ready!

As soon as I got it, I plugged in every little detail in my calendar. It was awesome to know when to adjust things and by doing what. It felt AMAZING to take 3rd place in my very first show!

Everyone kept asking me who was my trainer. It felt awesome to whip out my program and say “this was my trainer.”

I am really excited to put on even more muscle and get back on the stage. Thanks Kim!"

- Aubrie

“Kimberly, I won first place!

Thank you so much for being there for me every step of the way. I felt completely at ease and relaxed and by the way, the other girls were so jealous of my ‘gentle’ prep. Some of them had been dehydrating completely for days and cutting carbs completely for weeks! They were burned out and exhausted.

I felt bad for them, knowing that there is a better way to prep. Thank you so much for showing that healthy way is not only better for my body, it is also a winning formula!"

-Laurene Engelbrecht

“I was extremely pleased with Contest Prep Secrets!

Kimberly's step-by-step system was so helpful and gave me the confidence that I needed to prepare for my first show.

It was totally amazing, as a newbie, I was able to walk away with 6 trophies! The program is effective if YOU apply yourself and are dedicated to it!

Thanks again Kimberly!”

-Christa McLane

“I'm so glad I purchased this program!

After deciding to compete for the first time, I needed to find a plan that would lay everything out for me.

I found Kimberly's system, Contest Prep Secrets and it really helped me with the final phases of my training.

I was blessed to win 2 trophies my first time and I couldn't be more excited and happy with my experience."


"My first competition I won big (Overall) in Muscle Mania Lone Star.

I then did my second competition, November in Las Vegas–Muscle Mania’s largest show. I placed 3rd in open! I won my pro card!

And I was proud to be over 40 and in the top 5. Unbelievable!

I just wanted to thank you because for both of these shows I used your formula for success.

- Kimberly

Here's What You Get Inside Contest Prep Secrets System...

Getting Started Guide

Get the most out of your program by setting yourself up to win. You’ll learn how to put your prep tools in place, monitor your stats, and adapt to the competitor lifestyle. During this time, you will assess the areas of your prep you need the most work on by taking the Stage Ready Quiz™. Before you pick a show, you will determine how many weeks you need to be ready based on your current weight and body fat.
Figure and Bikini Training & Cardio

You will be following a progressive training program broken into 4 phases of workouts that creates the X-frame shape the judges want to see on stage. The right tempo, rest period and training reps to get the maximum muscle growth and conditioning…fast! The perfect cardio regimen for maximum fat burning and muscle retention. How to make critical adjustments and stay on track to meet your show timelines.
Meal Plans with Macros

There are 5 meal plans to choose from as you go through all the phases of your figure and bikini training. It also includes a 6-step formula for adjusting your macros each week of your prep. These plans are not based on restrictive dieting but delicious meals that fuel your workouts and burn excess fat. It also includes an exchange list for food swaps and creating unlimited meal plans. There is a Carb Cycling plan to achieve maximum lean body mass. Meal plans range from 1300 -2100 calories.
Figure & Bikini Supplements

One micro segment of contest dieting is supplementation. There isn’t a magic pill to transform your body without eating and training properly but supplements can help you fill in nutritional and physiological gaps within your physique. Just note, that when someone is a “natural athlete” that does not mean they are not supplementing. The definition of a supplement is anything you add to your diet, i.e. protein powder, fish oil, carnitine, aminos etc. You’ll get the basic supplements and a specific stack for figure & bikini PLUS when to take each one for best results.
Peak Week Plan

The final package you bring to the stage needs to be tight. You can’t have soft areas or you will be “spilling over” in your suit which allows the judges to lower your placing. Revealing the amazing body you have created requires understanding how to get peaked or “dialed in.” Peaking is the final stage of contest preparation during the last week before the show where specific, carefully planned adjustments are made to enable the competitor to reach their optimal conditioning on show day. This program covers the final 7-days of meals, workouts, cardio, peaking supplements, and more to get dialed in.
Posing & Presentation Essentials

Most first time figure and bikini competitors don’t spend enough time on posing and presentation for their show. This can effect which call out they end up in because they didn’t step on stage with the right tools. The only way you can show the judges how hard you worked is through the actions you take on stage. The truth of the matter is that the judges are not looking for what is good about your physique. They are looking for things about you that stick out negatively against the other women on stage. It could be as simple as your posing routine, suit and even hair color. You will learn how wow the judges and land in the winner’s circle.
Contest Day Tips

Finally, competition day is here! From the time you get up, until the moment you walk across that stage–everything you do should be focused on bringing your best package to the judges. It can get pretty confusing for a newbie figure athlete backstage with so many exciting things going on around you. Contest Day Tips goes over what foods are good to eat and when backstage, when to drink water, what happens when you step on stage, which supplements to take that will make your muscles look full (not come up flat and small) and more SECRETS used by the pros!
Helpful Checklists & Journals

After competing for many years and training hundreds of women personally, I’ve created some handy competitor checklists and journals to help keep you focused on the most important steps to get the maximum results during your prep. These exclusive resources include: a Competitor Budget, Day of Show Packing List, training tools links, training log, Getting Dry and 10-Days out checklists!
...and more insider secrets you need to win!

Contest Prep Secrets has everything you need to prepare for your show without a coach...saving you thousands!

Order Now and Get $400 Worth of Bonuses!

Bonus #1 6-Pack Abs Accelerator ($47 value)
When training for a competition, the abs always seem to be the last to come in! You need to create a lean, toned, midsection that turns the judge’s heads and blows your competition out of the water. This 6-Pack Abs Accelerator™ includes 4 workouts that go deep into your core and wake up those abs muscles to pop on stage. It includes a list of foods to cut from your diet immediately to get the max results from the very start of your prep. And you will get a natural herb combo that will peel the fat off your abs now!
Bonus #2 Fix Your Prep Blueprint ($97 value)
One of the most frustrating things about competing is not knowing how to fix the areas of your prep that are not going well. There are over 25 ways to adjust your program. It is critical to know these adjustments and how to implement them. Kimberly has created the only Fix Your Prep Blueprint™ that provides the secrets to pinpointing what is going wrong in your prep and how to course correct.
Bonus #3 "The 5 Things That Drop Your Placing" with Gary Udit ($97 value)
Gary Udit, is one of the most respected NPC and IFBB judges and has been invited several times to Olympia judging panel to critique many of the top pros like Nicole Wilkins, Erin Stern, and Amanda Latona. During this 90-minute recording, Gary will be sharing the top things that lower your placing, how to grab the judge’s attention, and end up in the winner's circle!
Bonus #4 Post Contest Plan ($67)
Now that you have stepped off stage, you need a plan for transitioning back to a healthy pre-contest fitness level. One of the things that keeps many figure athletes from competing is the fear of gaining all the weight back right after their show. It is normal and necessary to increase your weight but if you don’t prepare, it may be hard for you to find a balance between being stage ready and fit. This post contest plan tells you how many calories to eat each week and how to transition with cardio back to weight training without over doing it. There is also a full body circuit that allows your muscles to recover.
Bonus #5 Figure & Bikini Posing Videos ($67 value)
Wendy Fortino is currently one of the top figures in the fitness industry; and has won the prestigious title of Miss Figure USA 2011 to earn professional status, as well as compete as an IFBB Figure Olympian. Wendy will be sharing her step-by-step system to flawlessly present yourself on stage. In her instructional videos, she breaks down each foot placement and how to transition with grace and confidence.
Bonus #6 High Intensity Fat Burning Circuits ($27 value)
These circuits can be used in any of the 4 phases of figure and bikini training. They are perfect for pre-contest weight loss and conditioning goals. You will need minimal equipment and most of these workouts can be done at home. Great for when you can’t make it to the gym.
Bonus #7 Private Facebook Group (priceless!)
Get the support you need to make it all the way to the stage in our Contest Prep Secrets Team Support Facebook group! There you can link up with other first time competitors and gain experience from ladies who have already hit the stage. You can also ask questions 24/7!

More Testimonials!

"I'm so blessed! Won 3 trophies my first figure competition!"

I had been searching for a long time on the web for information on how to train for a competition. I found Kimberly's step-by-step system and used it to build the muscle size and shape for the stage. I was totally surprised to walk away with 3 trophies!

Thank you Kimberly for such a straight forward program.

“This plan worked for me big time!"

 Competing was something that was on my bucket list. So I began training and took my time using Kimberly's program, Contest Prep Secrets. I trained for 5 months, lost over 30 pounds, and won 3 trophies!

I was an amazing journey that I will never forget. Thanks Kimberly!


"I am a firm believer in your program, it works!

The pictures don't lie! Especially mine!

I can't believe what I see in the mirror, I went from too lean with not much muscle mass, to a show stopper!

Your system really did give me the confidence to step out on that stage and kill it!

You rock Kimberly!!!"

- Terra

The Cost of Not Using Contest Prep Secrets?

The Facts...

The judges unfortunately are not looking for what’s great about your physique. They will be zeroing in on everything that needs work. They expect even newbie competitors to bring their “A-game” on stage. Without the right program–you could end up going home empty handed. You will train for 16 weeks or more and invest thousands.

And that’s not including food! If you think about it, that is how much you would LOSE if you didn’t end up stage ready! Show up ready to compete by following all the steps in my program, Contest Prep Secrets!


Yes Kimberly! I'm ready to build my competitor body!

Right now for just $167, I understand I'm getting:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Figure and Bikini Training & Cardio
  • Meal Plans with Macros
  • Figure & Bikini Supplements
  • Peak Week Plan
  • Posing & Presentation Essentials
  • Contest Day Tips
  • Competitor Checklists

PLUS these amazing bonuses worth over $300!

  • Bonus #1 - 6-Pack Ab Accelerator
  • Bonus #2 - Fix Your Prep Blueprint
  • Bonus #3 - "The 5 Things That Drop Your Placing" w/Gary Udit Mp3
  • Bonus #4 - Post Contest Plan
  • Bonus #5 - Figure & Bikini Posing Videos
  • Bonus #6 - High Intensity Fat Burning Circuits
  • Bonus #7 - Private Facebook Group (priceless!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to compete? Is this program for me?

This training program was created for ladies who want a step-by-step proven formula to prepare for a figure or bikini competition. The training & diet regimens outlined in this program are geared for competitors, but many women have used it to uplevel their fitness game!

What if I have already competed before? Will this program help me?

Congrats on competing already! You can still use this program if you’ve done 1-2 shows and are looking to improve your placing. But if you are a seasoned figure or bikini athlete and working with other coaches or programs–you should not get this program.

How many weeks do I need to train for a competition?

Well, it depends on 3 main things. Your body fat percentage, weight, and amount of muscle you have. All these things play into the overall shape and balance the judges want to see on stage. Figure and bikini both have similar timelines and Kimberly shows you a simple way to calculate the exact amount of weeks in this program.

What if I have questions about the program or need help? Is there support after purchase?

You can ask questions 24/7 in our private Facebook group! Kimberly and your CPS sisters will be providing ongoing support and guidance when you need it the most during your prep.  

What if I have alot of weight to lose?

No problem! You can stay in the initial phases for as long is takes to get into the window (15-25lbs from the stage). In these first phases, you’ll put on muscle which will burn the fat more efficiently and get you to goal faster! Now is the time to learn the 5-Step Stage Ready System. This program is a MUST if you are a first time competitor who wants to rock the stage next year!

What is the difference between figure and bikini?

Figure has more muscle mass than bikini and more of an x-frame shape. Bikini has less muscle and overall more softer look. The posing and presentation is different and Kimberly goes in detail the training for each in this program.

Will I receive anything in the mail after my purchase?

You will not receive any hard copy books in the mail. You get instant access to download the program via PDF format. The bonuses are inside the PDF labeled at the end. Why wait when you can get started instantly today!

What if I change my mind after purchase? Can I get a refund?

There are NO refunds on digital products as you get instant access immediately when you purchase.

Still Have Questions?
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* Disclaimer: The information in this program was generated from scientific and medical research from various experts in the body building industry. I have several years of experience in researching, developing and following fitness and nutritional programs, and the information presented in this program is of my own personal and professional opinion and does not necessarily reflect those of other organisations, professionals, or government bodies. Any healthy, active adult can attempt this guide safely, however, the user should consult with their physician first, especially if any cardiovascular, pulmonary, or metabolic symptoms exist, before following any nutritional and exercise programs in this program. The outcomes depicted in testimonials are no guarantee of future results using this program but are an indication of their personal effort and success. The user assumes all liability and risk associated with undertaking the suggested diets, supplements, and programs in this program.
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